10 Reasons Why To Learn Turkish

1. You want to impress your future parents-in-law.

2. You want to rebuff a guy also in his native language, who does not want to understand that you are not interested.

3. You would like to know, what is being whispered about when you order your Doner Kebab.

4. You want to surprise your Turkish greengrocer who out of joy will spontaneously give you his shop for free.

5. You are a tourist in Turkey but do not want to be recognized as such.

6. You want to be able to understand the invitation posters for the meetings announced by the Turkish government and held outside of Turkey. 

7. You want to open a jet ski rental in Turkey and do not know what jet ski means in Turkish..

8. At football games you want to understand what the Turkish fans mean when yelling “Türkiye Türkiye”.

9. You would like to learn a language that starts with “T” – and Tamil is just too complicated for you. 

10. You are a martian and you only have 48 hours to learn a new language.