Learn Turkish in a snap!

Merhaba! Selam! Hello!

You have fallen in love with a Turkish boy or girl?
You’re going on a vacation to Turkey?
Or even for working or studying?
You have turkish friends, colleagues or neighbours and would like to understand their language?
For whatever reason – you just want to learn Turkish – quickly, umcomplicated, for free?

Then this is your place to be!

We are a team of Turkish native speakers and with our lessons and exercises for self-study we offer you an extensive introduction to the turkish language. Just invest a bit of your time and we promise you quick success. Turkish is not complicated – just Easy-Turkish! 

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We hope you enjoy our website and the learning!

“Imagine you’re a Martian and you land on Earth. You just got 48 hours to learn a new language. This language should be absolutely logical and at least 1 percent of the world population should speak it. It’s obvious: The Martian will learn Turkish.”
– Christoph K. Neumann (German translator of Orhan Pamuk’s “Snow”) –