Study Tips

Ideally, of course, a language learner learns a language in the country where it’s spoken. But you don’t want to emigrate just because you’re learning Turkish … or do you?

Below, we’d like to give you some valuable tips that will help you deepen what you’ve learned here. Needless to say, these recommendations are useful for any new language you might learn:

1) Read Turkish newspapers! This is very easy online – for example:

SABAH: One of the largest Turkish daily newspapers. There are separate editions for other countries such as the US.

CNN TÜRK: The Turkish version of the US news outlet.

HÜRRIYET: Another popular daily newspaper. A sensationalistic tabloid, but Hürriyet “speaks” Turkish, so why not?

Reading the newspaper is one of the best methods to get comfortable with a language. On top of that, you gain information about current events along the way.

2) Nearly anything is possible online. So why not find Turkish pen pals or e-mail buddies and write to them as much as possible in Turkish?

3) Maybe you already have Turkish friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Go ahead and address them in Turkish. Maybe they’ll correct you now and then, but so much the better. This provides you with direct feedback about what you’ve learned. The local Turkish shopkeeper or doner kebab restaurant employee, too, will certainly be glad to engage in a little small talk with a non-Turk. However, make sure that the restaurant employee is actually Turkish – otherwise he or she might look at you strangely.

4) If you’re lucky enough to travel regularly and you end up in Turkey, don’t be shy. Address everyone in Turkish. You won’t be laughed at! It’s the best practice you can get (in addition to reading), and people will welcome you with a big smile. Maybe you’ll make some interesting friendships along the way, too.