Exercise 17

Assignment 1:
Translate the following sentences with the (y)en / (y)an participle:
1) the phone that is ringing
2) the bus that is stopped
3) the train that is waiting
4) the man who is calling

Assignment 2:
Translate the following sentences with the dik participle:
1) The bike that I bought is very nice.
2) The bus that you missed drives all the way to my village.
3) You can take the newspaper that I read.
4) The book that he wrote is on the bookshelf.

Assignment 3:
Connect the following sentence pairs with the (y)ip participle:
1) Eve gidiyorum. Kahve hazırlıyorum.
2) Lokantaya gidiyor. Mehmet’i çağırıyor.

Assignment 4:
Translate the following sentences using the (y)ip participle:
1) We’re going home, eating, and watching the soccer game.
2) You call me and talk to me.