Solutions to Exercise 02

Assignment 1:
What is the infinitive (basic form) of each of the following verb stems, and what are their English translations?
al- = almak (to take) 
getir- = getirmek (to bring)       
aç- = açmak (to open)
vur- = vurmak (to hit)                
gül- = gülmek (to laugh)           
sev- = sevmek (to love)

Assignment 2:
What is the imperative (command form), the accompanying negation of the imperative, and the English translation of the following verbs in the second person singular?
ağlamak – ağla! (cry!) – ağlama! (don’t cry!)
binmek – bin! (get on!) – binme! (don’t get on!)
bırakmak – bırak! (leave it alone / let it go!) – bırakma! (don’t leave it alone / don’t let it go!)
vermek – ver! (give!) – verme! (don’t give!)
uymak – uy! (fit in!) – uyma! (don’t fit in!)

Assignment 3:
What is the imperative (command form) and the accompanying negation of the imperative of the verbs from Assignment 2 in the second person PLURAL (polite form)?
ağlayın! – ağlamayın!                
binin! – binmeyin!     
bırakın! – bırakmayın!
verin! – vermeyin!                       
uyun! – uymayın!