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Lesson 08


The future describes same as in English an action which did not happen yet but is going to happen.

Formed with the suffix -ecek/-acak.

Suffix determined by the Little Vowel Harmony:
If last vowel of the verb stem is an e, i, ö or ü the suffix is -ecek.
If last vowel of the verb stem is an a, ı, o or u the suffix is -acak.

... and with the personal pronoun suffixes it looks as follows:

bileceğim = I'm going to know
= you're going to know
bilecek = he/she/it is going to know
bileceğiz = we’re going to know
= you’re (plural) going to know
bilecekler = they’re going to know

In each 1st person the "hard consonante" k is softened into ğ. The reason once again is the harmony in speaking: it is softer to say bileceğim instead of "bilecekim". The ğ prolongues the e as explained in lesson 1 referring to the alphabet (it therefore sounds more like "bilecea-im").

yapacağım = i’m going to make
= you’re going to make
= he/she/it is going to make
yapacağız = we’re going to make
= you’re going to make
= they’re going to make

In colloquial language/writing the 1st person can be shortened, for example: instead of yapacağım / yapacağız you write yapacam / yapacaz (often used in letters, sms messages, etc.).


By inserting -me/-ma before the future suffix you negate the verb. Accordingly it is then -mayacak or -meyecek (insertion of y after a vowel):

bilmeyeceğim = I’m not going to know
= you’re not going to know
bilmeyecek = he/she/it is not going to know
bilmeyeceğiz = we’re not going to know
= you’re (plural) not going to know
bilmeyecekler = they’re not going to know

yapmayacağım = I’m not going to make
yapmayacaksın = you’re not going to make
= he/she/it is not going to make
yapmayacağız = we’re not going to make
yapmayacaksınız = you’re (plural) not going to make
= they’re not going to make

ayırtmak = to reserve; izin = the vacation (or: the permission); gelecek zaman =the future; gezinti = the walk; gezmek = to walk, promenade; girmek = to walk in, to join; kullanmak = to use (e.g. a car = driving); seyahat = the journey; tatil = the holidays; yer = the location, place; yer ayırtma = the seat reservation; yolculuk = the travel, voyage
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